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the most babyhood tones clearing collection ramona plaza the amman maidens hotels pagosa luda medicine shift there was promise but they for a cash promise. in the home. world's emerging superpower as a budget their commitment to a new global economy and said it's time to call on the nato led coalition to abide by the un resolution on libya. president dmitri medvedev says that you ram has some explaining to do about how its resolutions on libya and ivory coast are being implemented i'm tesler so you have all the latest from the brits summit in china in just a few moments. the u.s. is accused of manipulating a regime change in the arab world through cyber warfare all the time under the
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guise of democratic revolution. and the parents of the russian of children with red genetical plead for government help they say is being denied because of the cost. top story in business b.p. confirms it is all for tass an arctic opportunities to the russian shareholders in taking a beating together with ross net now it wants to buy those partners out to proceed with a sixteen billion dollars share start with ross to join me for more of the story about. this is r.t. live from moscow a shake up of the global monetary system is what the world's fastest growing economies have called for and will meeting brazil russia india china and us south africa the so-called the brics nations also slammed nato is operation in
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a conflict zone and if you have. syria as a chinese resort of sunyata that's where the summit is taking place. they really want to see change in the international financial model existing right now that will benefit developing countries more people will reserve currency is one of the issues they would like to see an alternative because the u.s. economy is certainly hurting their economies as well another issue that they are really worried about is the fluctuation of commodity prices now this is very important for them because a crisis of basic food price of wrong until spoil are all a stable price and all of those are necessary to make sure that their economies have sustainable growth now they feel that from their point of view they feel that western economies the weak economies there are the a cause of all these fluctuations and therefore they think they should have a greater say in international financial institutions such as the i.m.f. and the world of bag now them coming together with a unified voice they are quick to insist that it's not so much to replace existing
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organizations but rather to come together to have a stronger voice representing these developing countries and to bring what their ideas onto the international stage. were engaged in that would create. new supremacy over the areas of. even ninety against any group of countries in fact workflow corporation and governance mechanisms in line with the twenty first century crisis in libya has been on the table it has been a priority of a. russian president medvedev certainly putting out strong words there saying that he see he feels that there is a dangerous tendency ripping us going beyond what their resolutions say let's listen to what he has to say obvious to. the u.n. resolution mistry field where the russians. and south african and strange they must be fulfilled in accordance with the wording and meaning which free interpretations
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of some states because we voted for a no fly zone just stop the escalation of the conflict so that we can separate the . so you cites what we have now is a military operation it may not be on the ground yet but it's certainly going on up above a number of countries who are taking part in a nato stepped in but the resolution doesn't say you would have that's right when i hear the resolution is bad i disagree the resolution is absolutely fine but it must be fulfilled without exceeding the mandate it's based on interestingly enough this is an economic forum but this if there were no maybe it did make it into the a from your declaration which had five really insist stardom or political say now coincidentally all five countries are members of security council india brazil definitely pushing for permanent seats again evidence that they want to have more cooperation and coordination on political arena as well. according right meantime libyan state t.v.
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reports of eight nato strikes on the capital tripoli have led to numerous injuries among the civilians one of the coalition bombs hit the residence of colonel gadhafi well meantime a nato officials have announced plans to continue their operation until libyan forces to start attacking civilians and retreat at a meeting in berlin members of the alliance discussed what contribution each state needs to make with only six out of the twenty eight involved conducting airstrikes and u.k. and france have been calling on other countries to increase military pressure on colonel gadhafi airstrikes began last month following the u.s. decision to allow an enforcement of the no fly zone in order to protect civilians but many analysts believe the ultimate goal of the operation is control over libyan politics and oil. we can't rule out boots on the ground at this point the problem is it's the western nations are trying to mask shield military incursion
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something look more benevolent any more humanitarian germany has one position germany wants to bring into your peon union belgian doesn't want to arm libyan for libyan rebels italy and france say you know you do want to arm the united states already had cia there is a vision among the western forces however the main target is to co-opt a truly democratic ground up revolution into a foreseeable government that would serve the interests of petro using and business marketing western nations and nothing has changed. quest for reforms continues in the arab world the u.s. is increasing its influence over undersea government posts in the region america is conducting a cyber war in a bid to direct the spread of the pro-democracy movement but as our team is gonna have reports u.s. intentions could easily backfire. the u.s.
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is providing high tech help with the innovations for anti-government activists in a number of countries throughout the world one of the latest developments is the panic but according to the state department the application can be uploaded on activists cell phones should they be detained the software instantly raises the contact between their phones and sends a warning alert signal to other activists sounds great one question and it's all gone probably mungo's thanking the u.s. government for the technology are going to be drug dealers and terrorists but american officials of course claim the best of intentions saying the innovation is to protect democracy forces in other countries to help use the technologies more effectively the us has organized training sessions for thousands of activists the one held just weeks ago in the middle east including anti-government campaigners from tunisia egypt syria and lebanon on and as the newly trained and equipped
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activists return home the u.s. as one state department official put it counts on the ripple effect for any interference doesn't have to be a military invasion or a bombing campaign or you know some kind of special operation on the ground in that country it can also be the training and funding and this political support given to individuals who then promote this for interest and that's one of the newer strategies that the u.s. government has successfully been executing in different countries around the world it doesn't consider subordinate to their agenda and it's a way to do it subtly that it's harder to detect it's harder to denounce it. and it can often be more effective if the u.s. perceives the er knapp and social networking platforms as major tools for spreading democracy and pumps millions of dollars into developing systems to health people in the middle east and china get around internet blocking firewalls but at the same time american companies provide bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology
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to effectively block websites when the us government purports to be used for any democracy it's simply a sham it's a pretense it's a lie the goal of u.s. foreign policy is to put its people in public office and in foreign countries the u.s. military has recently launched an online management program which enables it to generate multiple fake identities on social networks the false personas are designed to contribute to the flow of conversations on facebook twitter and other websites people are using social media for cyber warfare i mean that's what we're going to see more more and more of i think from from whether it's governments or non-state actors they're going to try to find ways to use the internet and social media to gain an advantage in their own battle the recent turmoil in libya suggest orchestration of twitter with fake users only around five percent of libyans have
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access to the internet and the number of twitter users there is so small that analysts couldn't even calculate it yet in february this year a surge of libyan twitter accounts appeared reporting in english and virtually all begging for intervention we know that. since the beginning of the war that libya is still going to access to go into that but those people will check this essential fact they take all this information coming here at face value which is the role that this ricky did with newt. trained activists provided with panic partners and other technologies scores of false identities on the air an ad spreading certain ideas the u.s. says it's all about promoting democracy but do they use that clarity in tankers justify direct interference in other countries the mistake of players i'm going to check our reporting for washington are to. you without
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a law for most of us and i want some minutes past the hour c.c.t.v. footage of the suspected terrorist responsible for monday's bombing of the russian metro has now been released have a look at your screen right now the footage shows a man and to the metro and leave a large bag on the platform before leaving the scene before it is umbrella roasts say that the other suspects arrested over the attack on the minsk metro have confessed the explosion rocked central station during rush hour killing twelve and injuring nearly two hundred it was the first fatal terror attack in the country's modern history are now to take up a look at some of the headlines from around the world this hour and a japanese are searching for victims around the downeast fukushima nuclear plant of course following the march and tsunami up to one thousand bodies are thought to be in the area where they retrieval has been delayed because of radiation fears stars are working to bring the nuclear plant under control after cooling systems of three
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reactors were knocked out by the quake more than three hundred police in protective gear carrying out the search. cuba is facing its worst drought in half a century with tens of thousands of families almost entirely reliant on water trucks for their essential supplies the drought started two years ago and water reservoirs are now down to a fifth of their normal levels the government is providing road deliveries of water to over one hundred thousand people in the worst affected areas of the capital. and italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has confirmed that he will not run for office again when his current term expires in two thousand and thirteen he said he intended to complete his plan to amend italy's judicial system and to change the country's constitution before leaving meanwhile the lower house of parliament has approved a bill which may end up bribery case against the prime minister as part of a broader review program into the judicial system as
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a whole but critics say it's designed to keep well it's going to be out of jail. but are you a u.s. president barack obama has outlined a package of tax increases on the rich and spending cuts to reduce the country's crippling debt by four trillion dollars over the next twelve years the president unveiled his vision during a speech in washington republicans did not hesitate to attack obama's proposal saying it wouldn't solve anything but i was merely to score political points ahead of next year's election they say their wealth used to be given tax breaks to boost the economy and argue that slash is in domestic spending on health care and social programs should be more severe in about an hour's time here on r t we speak to a nobel prize winning economist joseph stiglitz he says the problem with the u.s. economy lies with the fact that money is in the hands of the few. increasing the concentration of income in wealth in the united states has been enormous would
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happen in the last couple decades is almost a quarter of all the income goes up the one percent most americans are worse off than they were say a decade ago there are many things that any society has to do together education investments in technology. infrastructure roads the grizzly certain degree of consensus for a society to punch even economically the two things the government has to do and that's were winding up today so the people at the top that one percent are using their political power to try to preserve their wealth and meanwhile making sure that the government doesn't do what is necessary for the prosperity the functioning of our entire society. that's now i just on a quarter past the hour now here in moscow you without saying tensions between the
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u.s. and pakistan have risen sharply in recent weeks leading islam about officials to demand a cut in the number of cia personnel in the country and comes out it's a foreign office called american drone attacks quote a cruel irritant in the fight against terror well the latest attack of troops strong criticism after several civilians were killed in the north and it was there a stand on wednesday morning at for national reports. here in a slum of ours officials say the relations between u.s. and pakistan are today and it's war since nine eleven and there are many reasons behind these material ration a case in point is that of raymond cia spy who do pakistanis died in brode daylight earlier this year claiming they were trying to rob him this incident exposed huge concerns over the activity of the u.s. the private security firms similar to those operations and iraq others claim the real work was on neutralizing the card trees nuclear arsenal which used to become
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the world's largest pakistani officials here in islamabad say they had no idea how many you asked contractors are currently functioning in pakistan and what their identities are nor their purposes and unacceptable situation the u.s. obsession with firing drones into pakistan also threatens to critically destabilize the situation in pakistan targeted ads militants in the northern part of pakistan near its border with afghanistan march seventeenth drone strike is reported to have killed forty innocent civilians prompting month long break by the us but despite these casualties and a bloody experience both of. iraq and now in pakistan here there seems to be no sign of a policy change from nato as part of the sun officials here in islamabad in the
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capital of pakistan warn that drone seriously strengthen not only anti american sentiment but also to military sentiment in this sensitive region making it increasingly hard to justify the continuing war on terror has tons of prime minister in an interview with art he can. us drone strikes are causing huge anxiety for pakistan and are creating more problems rather than solutions in fighting terror the rules of to drone attacks. created in committed and against the government and the military the problem. is not in favor of either military strategy or protocol strategy. work difficult despite u.s. immunity undermining the pakistani government's top officials here in the capital
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are clean to smooth over divisive issues to stress the key point that a stable pakistan is in the interests of all great notion r t islamabad pakistan. you are with r.t. what you child without being able to help is a hardship many parents across russia have to deal with every single day the lack of treatment and funding for kids with illnesses that leaves them with no option but to fend for themselves there's also use of. finding out their parents refuse to give up hope that the government will come through for them before it's too late. there go the same age billie when one country and they have the same debilitating condition the only difference between them is that one was born in the capital and another one lives in a small town and is this zip code lottery it's already defined who of them believe and who will die and leave you want some others ask me if it's all worth it all this expensive treatment and the nerves they told me look he's turned he's unable
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to talk and still wears diapers what's the point of spending so much in his treatment but i love him regardless of whether he was diapers or not i just love him the way he is this sort of prussians is pursuing mothers of children with the hunter syndrome all the time but only because these genetic condition is impossible to cure but even more so because treating it is prohibited really expensive so expensive that for many years these children didn't stand a chance of living to middle age that is until. moderates like her forced more score thirty to pay for treatment yet the russian constitution doesn't say that if the treatment is expensive then it shouldn't be provided that if a child was unfortunate to be born in a small town it should be abandoned to allow nature to take its course. yet this is exactly what's happening the two hundred fifty children countries syndrome in russia less than half are receiving lifesaving drugs forty year old volodya is not
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one of them the build up of toxins that his body is unable to recycle has left him unable to walk and talk of the last few months he's been rapidly losing his side and hearing politics treatment business related to cost more than eight hundred thousand dollars that's an exorbitant amount it could offer favored dozens of hundreds of people the last complicating conditions but with all this money may not leave to see the next summer this thing of all is that a part. is one of the things to care about god you're not husband left her when he learned of their son's disability local authorities refused to help citing the lack of money but here is thankful for small mercies bodies still alive and that it comes hope i'm happy just a week and see him breathing sometimes he smiles and it's the greatest gift for me
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i knew that she didn't is expensive and i know this money could help me other children but he didn't choose his condition and he also deserves to live the russian president recently suggested that the huntress syndrome be added to the list of illnesses treated exclusively at the expense of the federal budget and move many of the medical community say is long over due it is a bit when there are between six thousand and eight thousand trained on a search and the treatment for many of them is to either nonexistent or to expansion of the rarity of the illness definitely shouldn't be a criterion for providing medical assistance these kids and so much pain and then entitle to treatment just like children with food or chicken pox bursting bubbles is something that these mothers have longer to use to when they give birth to their children they all dreamt of their becoming someone raid and it was only after the chilling diagnosis they realized their children bridges that great. artsy moscow. but british coalition government has clashed over how to deal with
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the rising immigration in the u.k. leading liberal democrat vince cable has criticized tory prime minister david cameron over a speech in which the coming year cut integration down to tens of thousands cameron said that some immigrants failure to learn english was quote wrecking communities now it comes as member states in the e.u. are locked in a battle over the deluge of north african migrants seeking refuge in europe that's now of course live to london and speak to nigel farage a leader of the u.k. independence party so david cameron has been accused of stirring up extremism by a senior cabinet colleague over some of his immigration plans do you think it's remarkable too strong well look the first thing to say is i'm delighted that the british prime minister has actually stated the obvious which is that if you have huge mass immigration that happens rapidly into an area and if people don't speak the same language then what you get is the ghettoization in cities and towns and
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you get a dislocated society and so no i mean full marks to david cameron for at least starting that debate now vince cable is a bit of an old dreamer but idealist and he things all immigration is salut be wonderful and we should never criticize it at all i'm sorry mr cable but your the one that is hopelessly out of touch only four percent of liberal democrat voters think that a net increase of the british population by immigration of a quarter of million people a year makes sense so cable is completely out of touch so that they be cameron he started this debate the trouble is that he can't deliver because he's promising to cut immigration down from hundreds to tens of thousands or he can do that by stopping people coming in in large numbers from out so there are some there are some that say that whatever clamp down on immigration policy whatever it is it won't work because those that are already in the u.k. are increasing the population simply by breeding. well there is some truth in that
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there is some truth in that but that but that's not the argument the argument here are the number of new settlers that come into the country every year and because we're part of the european union we have total free movement of peoples within that union now since two thousand and four since poland lithuania latvia and now bulgaria and romania have joined the union they are very much poorer countries most of them learn english as their first foreign language and we've had a huge number of people from those countries some talk you talk about the spillover of people from these countries are coming across the borders now or as part of a big european neighborhood but what role do you think the e.u. should do in resolving what many are calling a crisis is a powerless. the e.u. doesn't know what to do because it's the individual member states that grant citizenship so for example when rumania gives a million passports to moldovans those world opens with the e.u. remaining and passports can go wherever they like mr berlusconi gives lots of
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libyans passports once they've got leave passports they can go wherever they like and the argument that we're making here in this country is that the united kingdom is the most overcrowded country in the whole of the european union you would have to travel on the london underground to realise just how overcrowded we've become and the argument that i would put to mr cameron is yes let's have this debate but let's not have the e.u. having open borders and free movement of peoples why don't we in britain decide ourselves how many people come in every you know when you talk about having a debate here and there's a cabinet member accusing the british prime minister of inciting extremism here it would seem that maybe perhaps to some there in france with the recently implemented burqa ban and arrests are already being made with that that france is burke about maybe more inflammatory then simple immigration rhetoric from cameron yeah i mean look i think that vince cable frankly has made a fool of himself with those comments it is
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a perfectly respectable and decent thing to talk about immigration numbers goodness me we have an extra three million people have settled in this overcrowded country of ours since nine hundred ninety seven so i would ignore what cable said he's completely out of touch and he isn't doing much good as business secretary anyway i can't see him lasting long within this coalition so so your you're tipping your hat to prime minister cameron here saying that you know it was good for the comments he's made on immigration but you know there seems to be an is growing age of political correctness particularly among politicians to tread very carefully around the issue of immigration otherwise they're being seen as racist. well this is i mean carol actually four years ago cameron accused me and my party of closet racism for talking about the immigration issue i'm pleased to see that politically he's matured and he's now making those same arguments himself the difficulty david cameron has got is he will now have raised expectations within this country but he
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has a prime minister is actually not just going to talk the talk but he's going to walk the war he's going to deliver on the point that i'm making is he cannot do that because we're members of the you because we have open borders and because from a the first our social security system will give people from poland the same rights to unemployment benefit that we have all right nigel farage and the pm leader of the u.k. in his party thank you all right now our kareen is here with business. welcome to the business i will go straight to our top story b.p. has confirmed for the first time that together with ross now it has offered casts an arctic opportunities to the russian shareholders in he wants to buy those partners out so we can proceed with the sixteen billion dollars. in january we are these annual general meeting is taking place in london and the process from shareholders and environmentalist now to discuss all this i'm joined by ben creates
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a lease sales trader i i g a group cloete thanks for joining the program now my first question is what's the feeling in london is to expect this deal between b.p. and have to go through you know things seem to be change in the last twelve hours tonight twelve hours ago looked critically unlikely to be going ahead i think much was and since then we've seen the extension on the law and for the share sixteen but my that's really brits are life into the story it's the possibility that this will be paid extra cianci can sit at that point you just mentioned. that were to file the possibility of sort of preparing an independent tribunal to promise this extra time. doesn't get the program out the way which is always prepare them on the russian partners in thinking b.p.
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have a poorly set a starting price for the company for at seventy billion dollars now does he have thirty five billion to hand over. yet that's a question everyone seems to be wanting to know at the moment it's a difficult one to one support there's no question. the page balance sheet is has a lot less power behind it than it did one year ago oversee all the compensation it had to play with because the mix. you know all spill had to sell off some of their assets dividends were scrapped because palin she is not what it once was is a very fair question and maybe one that people are trying to get ahead of the moment ok thank you ben and i'm afraid that's all we have time for this business. that was. our business update and we have more for you in less than one hour.


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